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A team of technical experts, up to date technologies, an agile structure, a product for achieving secure by design applications which protect personal data ...
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Willing to change job in the short term or later on ? Looking for an challenging internship ? We are open to recruitment opportunities and like to know in advance who we could offer a position or an internship to, when needed.

Job offers are not yet available in english, but feel free to get in touch with us to inquire about opportunities.

Beyond technical exerts in development and application security, we will soon have job opportunities for marketing, business development and international sales.



Work at YAGAAN

Our values

French independent software editor, our values ​​are based on expertise, relevance, trust and efficiency.

Company location

All our positions are currently located in Brittany (Rennes - Cesson Sévigné) - France

Your work environment

In the Breton 'Cyber ​​Valley' ecosystem, a pleasant and dynamic employment pool (only 6.5% unemployment rate, Q1 2019, INSEE), YAGAAN is positioned on a niche segment with high added value. We have established our offices at Digital Square, the Rennes' facility for digital innovative startups.

YAGAAN works in an agile way, customized to our human size and our high level of technical expertise.